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20.12.2016 See here who was honored for her/his technical paper and its presentation during the International Rotating Equipment Conference.

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Excellent response again and new business models thanks to the digital revolution

14.12.2016 Statements and press releases from the press conference on 14 September 2016

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Chairmen's message

Chairmen's message

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We hope to meet you along the mighty Rhine river in beautiful Dusseldorf this fall. We believe there is an excellent business case for you to come and join us at the 3rd International Rotating Equipment Conference this coming September, when the autumn leaves turn gold.

Pumps and compressors and vacuum technology are getting better all the time, thanks to relentless R&D efforts. Exciting new developments, resulting from extraordinary innovation worldwide, will be on display at our Conference.

In this sector, there is no better place for users and equipment makers to get new ideas about the future. You deserve a front seat.

The 3rd International Rotating Equipment Conference offers an absolutely unique possibility to present new solutions to the sector. You will meet exciting sector players face to face. That will open new perspectives.

At this edition of the International Rotating Equipment Conference you will, in fact, benefit from the happy synergy of three well-respected international forums: the 11th Pump Users International Forum, the 4th Compressor Users International Forum and the 10th EFRC (European Forum for Reciprocating Compressors). This extraordinary joint platform has been enriched by additional collaboration with trade associations and professional bodies including European partner associations EUROPUMP and PNEUROP.

You may be an end user, an equipment manufacturer, a plant designer or a component supplier, or you may be in R&D or a pumps, compressors, compressed air and vacuum technology expert or just new to the sector. Whatever your background, the quality and depth of the specialist programme will be of great value to you.

On behalf of the VDMA and EFRC, we wish you a warm welcome you to the Conference.

Dr. Sönke Brodersen
Chairman of VDMA Pumps + Systems Association

Alexander Peters
Chairman of VDMA Compressors, Compressed Air and Vacuum Technology Association

Dr. René Peters
Chairman of EFRC European Forum for Reciprocating Compressors

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